Get rid of ANTs & Change your thinking!

This was originally written for the latest Generation Next Newsletter. Of late, more and more schools are asking me to work with their students as well as their staff. My most popular workshop at the moment is Learning to Bounce where we explore resilience. Resilience is generally accepted to mean the ability to bounce back after […]

When Freedom of Religion becomes Bullying

This article was originally published here at Online Opinion. In polite company, I tend to avoid discussing politics or religion, and whilst writing around educational matters, often requires me to comment on the former, I’ve managed to steer clear of the latter. Until now. In response to the federal government announcement that it intends to […]

Impact of the Influential on Mental Illness

Appalled by some of the comments made by BBC personality Jeremy Clarkson last week, I wrote this piece. It has been published on the ABC website, The Drum. “Imagine in the aftermath of a suicide on a busy rail network, trains don’t wait until body has been removed from tracks. Imagine the remains of the […]

Five Ways to Wellbeing

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Felicia Huppert. Felicia is a well-known researcher in the field of wellbeing, and has advised and informed the UK Governments policy making in the area of mental capital and wellbeing. Amongst other things, she introduced me to the work of the New […]

Talking Youth Depression on Channel 10

In case you missed my appearance on Channel 10 discussing youth depression and wellbeing, you can watch the interview here. Please share it with your staff at your school, friends or family. We need to keep on talking about it… Sign up for email updates here, share with your friends or connect on Facebook or Twitter… […]

Catch Dr Suzy Green and Me on Channel 10 – Monday 6.30pm

JUST BEEN INFORMED THIS WILL NOW SHOW ON TUESDAY NIGHT Just a quick note to let you know that last week I recorded an interview for the 6.30 Report with George Negus. It is due to be aired on Monday 15th September at (guess when?) 6.30pm on Channel 10 in Australia. The subject of the story […]

Label kids – Limit kids.

On Friday 22nd July, my colleague Ray Francis and I had the privilege of presenting a workshop at the AIS Pastoral Care Conference. The keynote speaker was James Nottingham. He gave an insightful, entertaining and at times, touching talk on the concept of Mindsets. Mindsets 101 In a fixed mindset, people believe their basic qualities, […]

An alternate three Rs for the 21st century?

While the traditional three Rs (reading, writing & arithmetic) were only aimed at the students, these alternate three Rs would serve as an operating system for the whole learning community; students, staff, parents and the wider community. Relationships – Humans are social beings and as such positive relationships are key to human flourishing. As well […]

Positive Schools Conference in Fremantle

Today I had the privilege of giving a key-note talk at the Positive Schools Conference in Fremantle. This was a great opportunity for me to engage with some of the leading minds in Australia in the field of mental health, wellbeing and education. I gave a talk based on my Drowning not Learning blog post from last […]

Have you read The National Times today?

My latest article has been published by Fairfax Media’s National Times. The most popular course at Harvard University is not medicine or dentistry. Neither is it engineering or even law. It is positive psychology, the field of psychology that is sometimes dismissed as ‘‘happy classes’’. Tal Ben Shahar first offered the class in 2002 and […]