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My latest article has been published by Fairfax Media’s National Times.

The most popular course at Harvard University is not medicine or dentistry. Neither is it engineering or even law. It is positive psychology, the field of psychology that is sometimes dismissed as ‘‘happy classes’’.

Tal Ben Shahar first offered the class in 2002 and eight students enrolled. By the third year 855 undergraduates attended the course making it the most popular class at Harvard. 

How could it be that at one of the most respected universities in the world, America’s top scholars need lessons in how to be happy?

Closer to home, of the one-third of high school students who walk through the gates of an Australian university nationally, about a fifth will drop out – at an estimated cost of $1.4 billion  to the taxpayer.

The reasons for dropping out are complex, but rarely related to academic ability.

Read the full article at The National Times. 

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  1. Great article Dan…you are becoming a real celebrity.
    You are right – Harvard should be a currenty priority for our curriculum designers. Hopefully they read the National Times.

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