Talking Youth Depression on Channel 10

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In case you missed my appearance on Channel 10 discussing youth depression and wellbeing, you can watch the interview here.


Please share it with your staff at your school, friends or family.

We need to keep on talking about it…

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0 Comments on “Talking Youth Depression on Channel 10

  1. Well done – yes we need to keep getting the message out there! As Head of Pastoral Care and Welfare on our Secondary Campus I certainly am dealing with this issue a lot and would love easy and quick links to give to students and families. Any tips?

  2. Hi Dan, Great to see this topic bought to the light. What saddens me is comments like Summah Mckinnon made about her diagnosis of bipolar. She said ” my mental illness will never go away”. This is such a soul destroying way to express yourself and it because of lack of knowledge. Diagnosing and labelling can have negative affects as is the case here. Physicalogically speaking bipolar will not be always with her and this depends on who influences her. Her emotions will always be with her though and learning how to recognise and understand them will will be her guide to a full life. Her emotions will become a hidden treasure.
    My free ebook will be out soon. Steve

    • Hi it is summah Mckinnon here.. just reading this comment and felt un happy about your refelection about me saying that “my mental illness will never go away”. I feel unhappy that you used such harsh words soul destroying way to express yourself. I think my point and expression was based upon the reality of mental health and I think your wrong bi polar is biological as well as psychological so yes I will always have this diagnoses. what is so negative about it Having a diagnoses enabled me to understand my behaviours and to learn how to manage my life around my challenges. It is just the same as someone with diabetes they will always have diabetes but the diagnoses will create better understanding so they can manage it. they to will always have this condition. I am sure you meant no harm in this comment. however words mean alot and to say soul destroying and lack of knowledge because i said I had bi polar and that it will always be with me. Is really upsetting because why should we be afraid of diagnosis and the reality of mental health, it is real and it affects people I have knowledge and understand how to manage it.

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