How do you celebrate your students’ strengths?

You may, or may not know that I have been developing a strengths-based intervention program called Little Superheroes aimed at reaching kids at risk of disengaging. It’s part of my YouthEngage initiative, and working with Ph.D candidate, Dean Grimshaw we have just submitted our first set of research findings to the Department of Education. I shall […]

3 Common Myths About Positive Psychology

I originally wrote this for my regular Generation Next Column  In my work with schools, I’m finding more and more interest arising in the area of Positive Psychology and its offshoot Positive Education. And as the interest around these grow, so do some of the more common misconceptions. I’ve found some teachers to be a little […]

Positive Education spreading across Australia…

This is my latest Generation Next blog post… I read with interest this week an opinion piece in the Sydney Morning Herald by John Weekes, the headmaster of Knox Grammar. He was discussing the concept of Positive Education. Essentially, Positive Education embeds the tenets of Positive Psychology into the curriculum, both explicitly and implicitly.* Weekes says, “Our focus […]

What’s your philosophy?

Last week I asked, “Why don’t we ask, Why more often?” I was referring specifically to education reform (or the lack thereof). But how often do we only consider the What, When or How of what we do on a day-to-day basis? In your area of work, do you stop to consider why you do […]

The Kids Are Alright – In the National Times

Fed up with the constant media attacks on our youth, I sat down at the laptop and wrote this. And the National Times decided to publish it… Another day, another media attack on the youth of Australia. This time it’s the turn of Channel Nine’s A Current Affair, to have a report, “All parents should […]

Just a Boy Who Likes Turtles

Of late, in my talks around the country, I have read this poem I first heard this poem as part of a talk that my friend and unoffical mentor Richard Gerver gave in the UK last year – which you can view at the end of this post. The overwhelming response from the audience when […]

Talking Youth Depression on Channel 10

In case you missed my appearance on Channel 10 discussing youth depression and wellbeing, you can watch the interview here. Please share it with your staff at your school, friends or family. We need to keep on talking about it… Sign up for email updates here, share with your friends or connect on Facebook or Twitter… […]

Catch Dr Suzy Green and Me on Channel 10 – Monday 6.30pm

JUST BEEN INFORMED THIS WILL NOW SHOW ON TUESDAY NIGHT Just a quick note to let you know that last week I recorded an interview for the 6.30 Report with George Negus. It is due to be aired on Monday 15th September at (guess when?) 6.30pm on Channel 10 in Australia. The subject of the story […]

Label kids – Limit kids.

On Friday 22nd July, my colleague Ray Francis and I had the privilege of presenting a workshop at the AIS Pastoral Care Conference. The keynote speaker was James Nottingham. He gave an insightful, entertaining and at times, touching talk on the concept of Mindsets. Mindsets 101 In a fixed mindset, people believe their basic qualities, […]