How do you celebrate your students’ strengths?

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You may, or may not know that I have been developing a strengths-based intervention program called Little Superheroes aimed at reaching kids at risk of disengaging.

It’s part of my YouthEngage initiative, and working with Ph.D candidate, Dean Grimshaw we have just submitted our first set of research findings to the Department of Education. I shall share these with you very soon, but suffice to say I’m super excited by the results and the potential that exists to build further on this program.

One of my main inspirations and sources of support in the creation of Little Superheroes has been Jenny Fox Eades.

Back in 2010 when I received the NSW Premier’s Anika Foundation Scholarship to address and raise awareness of Youth Depression, I was able to connect, meet and work with Jenny.

As the author of Celebrating Strengths it was wonderful to see her in action in schools in inner city London.

If you’re interested in strengths in education, positive psychology or positive education I cannot recommend Jenny highly enough.

She will be in Australia in May running workshops with the Positivity Institute.

You know I don’t throw endorsements around willy nilly… and I can assure you I receive nothing in return for doing so. I respect Jenny’s work, and believe she has a great deal to offer all of us.

Check out the flyer below and to grab your spot simply send an email to the Positivity Institute.


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