My talk at the Positive Schools Conference in Brisbane

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Following Michael Carr-Gregg at a conference of this nature is a bit like following the Rolling Stones at a music festival. It’s great to on the same bill, but you are a little concerned if anyone is really there to hear you! But that’s what I had to do today at the Positive Schools Conference at the Brisbane Convention Centre.

However, my talk was pretty well received, even to point of when I stepped out to a coffee shop, a car full of (I assume) young blokey teachers pulled alongside and shouted, “Oi mate… loved what you had to say!!!”

That’ll do me!

I explored some of the concerns I have with our current model of education and how schools may unwittingly be doing the exact opposite of what they intend with regard to engaging their students, and how in turn this may impact on the students wellbeing.

If you were in the 700 strong audience, and you also liked it, please feel free to “virtually” holler at me in the street by going to my Testimonial Page and adding your two cents.

I’ll be posting short videos soon based on the content of my talks that can serve as conversation starters at your next staff PD day.

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