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Dr Tim Kitchen Senior Education Advocate for APAC - Adobe

"I’ve been describing Dan Haesler as Australia’s Sir Ken Robinson."

"I first heard Dan speak at EduTECH where we shared the stage and later asked him to keynote the Adobe Education Leadership Forum in Bali. He was outstanding at both events. A very entertaining presenter, deep thinker and an educator with a real passion and heart for improving education outcomes for young people. I highly recommend Dan Haesler as a keynote presenter and panel discussion leader for any education event."


Dan Bowen Partner Development Manager - Microsoft

Dan Haesler is an expert in the convergence of technology and the impact this has on learning and more broader social contexts.

Dan has presented at several of our Microsoft school conferences across Australia.  He has the ability to capture an audience with current trends and also with a splash of humour.  His content is well researched and developed around each audience to whom he presents.


Delvene Neilson Director of Education - 3P Learning Australia

As a business we aim to bring the best thought leaders to share with our community and Dan certainly fits that bill and more.

Dan has educated, challenged and entertained our community for many years.

He is passionate, energetic and insightful. He has a wealth of experience and expertise and manages to deliver his message in such a heartfelt and humorous way that the audience immediately connects.

We have such a collaborative relationship with Dan, and it will be sure to continue.

Richard Gerver Author & Speaker

“Dan Haesler is an inspirational teacher."

"He speaks with skill and passion about the most important issue in education today; the mental health of our children! It is a real privilege working with him! He brings a fresh, moving and often amusing perspective to an issue that is all too often, left on the periphery of education thinking."

Adam Spencer Author & Broadcaster

"One of the highlights of EduTECH, was Dan Haesler."

"He pushed the audience to shake off any complacency and demanding they strive for more!"

Roger Page Principal - Nossal High School, VIC

"Dan Haesler is one of the most entertaining, thought provoking and challenging speakers I have had the pleasure of experiencing."

"He presents a very powerful and pertinent message about fixed and growth mindsets."

“I have one word to describe Dan – Real. 
After hearing him speak on numerous occasions at numerous forums, members of our Leadership Team knew we had to engage him within our school so that our staff could benefit from his passion and well-researched knowledge. Dan spent a full day working with all of our staff. The depth and practical nature of the content, combined with Dan’s personal reflections, his sense of humour, and the occasional pop culture reference made for an engaging presentation that had all staff (teaching, non-teaching and even our grounds people!) fully invested.”

Jane Mueller – Principal, Living Faith Lutheran Primary School

“We engaged Dan to lead us in a discussion about wellbeing, engagement and learning at our school, and the impact each has on the other. Dan was very well researched, professional and charismatic, presenting key concepts and ideas that challenged teachers and leaders, energised numerous staff, and did so in an incredibly relatable and entertaining way. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dan to any college, in any sector of education. We will definitely be engaging Dan again in the future.”

Heath Morris – Head of House, St Columba’s College

“One of the most powerful and genuinely engaging presentations I’ve ever experienced!”

Dr Jason Fox – Author, Speaker and Chief Projects Officer at Thought Leaders

“Dan Haesler is doing wonderful work in incorporating some of the concepts of positive psychology with his vision of a 21st century education.”

Tal Ben-Shahar PhD – Author & Lecturer, Harvard University, USA

“Dan Haesler is a passionate educator and a gifted speaker.”

“Through carefully selected stories and examples he is able to illustrate his concerns with the current state of education and emphasise the importance of student engagement.  He provides excellent food for thought in terms of nurturing student and staff wellbeing and stresses the importance of relationships as a foundation for learning.  Dan role-models his beliefs as he quickly builds rapport with his audiences and achieves high levels of engagement and participation.  Dan has a clear vision for education and he is making a valuable contribution to embedding Positive Education within our school communities.”

Justin Robinson – Director, Institute of Positive Education, Geelong Grammar School.

“Dan Haesler’s presentation on “Engaging Kids Today” was one of the highlights of the Young Minds conference. Dan is a captivating storyteller and his passion for teaching and for engaging young people in a meaningful way made for an inspiring and informative session.”

Beth Phelan – Conference Director, Young Minds

“I cannot recommend Dan highly enough”

“He joined a very high calibre of speaker (including Sir Ken Robinson, Stephen Heppell and Alan November) at the Tech in K-12 Congress and was on-par with the ideas, presentation style and engagement levels of the big names in education. He was the closing speaker and he held the audience engaged like no other closing keynote I’ve seen. His insights were tailored and relevent, his presentation style was dynamic. Best of all, he posed thought-provoking questions that stimulated discussion, pushed the boundaries and encouraged schools to act. Don’t think twice about working with Dan.”

Jessica Fell – Conference Director, EduTECH (formerly known as the Tech in K-12 Congress)

“Dan is a passionate, heartfelt presenter who combines his frontline experiences of young people with a polished storytelling style that connects effectively with his audiences. The topics and issues that he presents on are both thought provoking and inspiring and this allows him to engage his audiences at both a professional and more personal, emotional level. His unique style urges the audience to re-assess their relationship with and responsibility towards the young people that they care for which can only lead to them becoming more empathic, understanding and committed to their role.”

Dr Ramesh Manocha – Chair of Generation Next Seminars & Senior Lecturer in Psychiatry, Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney

“Dan has been extremely generous with his resources, providing access to the keynote, the student, parent and staff presentations and a range of other resources. We thank Dan for his hard work, well targeted messages and engaging presentation style. He is an excellent, accessible presenter who manages to synthesise a range of resources in psychology, curriculum, pedagogy and wellbeing to inspire us to further work in this area.”

Sue Harrap – Assistant Principal, Nossal High School, Victoria

“I wouldn’t call it a ‘presentation’ as such because Dan gave us so much more. He engaged with staff to hear what issues were applicable to us and then facilitated conversations that allowed us to explore them further. The relationship formed will see us continue to engage Dan’s expertise for both our staff and students.”

Andrew Lincoln – Counsellor, Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School, WA

“Dan demonstrates that he is informed and open in the way he delivers materials that are relevant to the health and well-being of young people. He has a unique presentation style which is engaging and promotes a ‘call to action’. He is passionate about student well-being. Dan is committed to making a difference to students’ lives so that they can thrive. Dan is also able to work effectively with large groups using interactive approaches and strategies to promote discussion and problem-solving. I will draw on Dan’s resources for ongoing staff and community development and student forums.”

Michelle Nemec – Principal, St Mary & St Mina’s Coptic Orthodox College, NSW

“One of the great things about Dan’s workshop was that it was tailored for us. Also, as he knows his subject so well, he was able to be flexible in his delivery in such a way that the workshop was very dynamic and moved with our questions and discussion points.”

Mike Haynes – The Wiltja Program, Adelaide, SA.

“Engaging, motivating and challenging!!!”

Anthony Mahoney – St Pius X College, Chatswood, NSW

“Dan is a joyous, thoughtful, humorous presenter whom I have been blessed to work with twice. He walks the talk – he has thrown down the gauntlet to us to improve our practice !”

Kerry Gastier – Catholic Schools Office, Wagga Wagga, NSW

“What I liked most about Dan’s presentation at the National Education Congress in 2012 was that he brought the audience with him through storytelling. He shared the stage with some big names in education and I took more from his keynote than any other. It was inspirational and real. The authenticity Dan brings to each presentation he gives is what speaks to educators.”

Roisin O’Reilly – Department of Education and Communities, NSW

“Dan is a well prepared and engaging presenter who targeted his guest talk directly to the audience. He is easy to listen to and presents concepts in a well designed manner.”

Jeanette James – Australian Schools & Industry Partnership

“Dan’s workshop with our network ticked all of the boxes: inspiration, information and fantastic facilitation in one very professional package!”

Jim Clifford – Catholic Education Office, Sydney, Southern Region

“Engaging, contemporary, real, rewarding, worthwhile.”

David Timillero – Clancy Catholic College, NSW

“Dan’s presentation was dynamic, fun, serious, and kept listeners of all ages involved. I loved the way the ‘mood’ shifted and changed as Dan emphasised his various points and ideas. He took his audience on a journey. The speaking task required of Dan was not easy, as we asked him to address both fathers and teen sons aged 14 – 16 and make his messages relevant to both. This was not an easy ask, but Dan succeeded in involving group members of all ages.”

Ruth Tofler-Riesel – Kids Giving Back

“Dan pushes teachers’ boundaries around pre conceived ideas about what their students really need from them.”

Kirk Grinham – Sydney Technical High School, NSW

“Undoubtedly, Dan Haesler is a rising star in Australian educational circles! As an inspirational guest lecturer to my trainee PDHPE teachers, he mesmerised with his content and delivery methods. Dan’s engaging personality and deep knowledge base are wonderful assets.”

Dr Tonia Gray – Associate Professor School of Education, University of Western Sydney

“I was delighted to welcome Dan Haesler to speak at the WA and QLD Positive Schools conferences in 2011. Dan was one of our keynote speakers along-side Michael Carr Gregg and Steve Biddulph. He spoke confidently and passionately to 750 fellow teachers.  He was humorous, energetic and moving as he carried the audience with his words from start to finish.  Everyone could relate to his concern over the enormous pressure we put young Australians under in our attempt to get them to ‘do well’ academically.  Moreover, many were inspired by his suggestions for a greater emphasis to be placed on making learning a lifelong passion, not a race to a certain outcome. Dan obviously cares enormously about his work, about the roles schools can play in providing holistic education and most of all, about the wellbeing of young people.  I recommend him highly and look forward to seeing him talk again.”

Helen Street PhD – Associate Professor, School of Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences, M521, Honorary Research Fellow, Graduate School of Education, M428, University of Western Australia

“Your talk was inspiring in its focus on what really matters-student wellbeing. It was perfectly pitched for our staff and the feedback from them was overwhelmingly positive. In fact they continued to refer back to things you had said throughout the two day conference. We particularly liked your approach of recognising that the technology our students are using is neither good nor bad, it’s just here.  Our primary aged students already access much of the social media you discussed and it was really reassuring to hear you talk about the constructive potential of technology and ways that we can work with our students to achieve a positive culture. In a school where engaging our students is always a challenge, and where we’re putting some high hopes on the use of technology, it was great to have you demonstrate some of the examples of real life solutions to real problems that your students  have developed. The words autonomy, mastery, and purpose really resonated for us and were used repeatedly through the next two days.  I especially like the notion of not being satisfied with moving from -5 to 0 but aiming for +5 and I’ll be looking for ‘flourishing’ all the time.”

Roslyn Dawes – Deputy Principal, Wyong Public School, NSW

“I first heard Dan speak at the 2nd Australian Positive Psychology Symposium at the University of Sydney. He is a passionate, imaginative and dedicated educator and I considered his personal presence engaging and his speech both relevant and insightful. He spoke later in the year at Scotch College and Dan’s presentation drew praise from many of our staff, particularly for his refreshing outlook on the mental health and wellbeing of students and staff and for his practical ideas that can be readily translated into action.”

Howard (Mac) MacPherson – Head of Middle School, Head of Student Wellbeing (7-12), Scotch College, Adelaide SA.

“Dan is doing amazing work in moving the Positive Education movement forward! Dan gave an inspirational keynote speech at our 2nd Australian Positive Psychology in Education Symposium at the University of Sydney in April this year.”

Dr Suzy Green – Founder of the Positivity Institute, Australia.

“I really enjoyed Dan’s article in the National Times. It was spot on! His writing gets people emotionally charged whilst also allowing them to think about these issues from a system-perspective. Excellent stuff.”

Lea Waters PhD – Associate Professor, Education Policy and Leadership Unit & Director of the Masters in School Leadership, University of Melbourne

“Dan is one of those special people who exudes passion for his profession. As an interviewee at a MojoLife event for business and education leaders he shared his rich experience of working in schools and his own, insightful experience of his path to becoming a teacher. His personal story inspires and his wealth of experience in various education settings make him an excellent voice for all  that is good about education and, indeed, positive approaches that can be taken towards education transformation.

I highly recommend Dan as an inspirational speaker for people from any background with an interest in the future of education.”

Sara Knowles – Managing Director – MojoLife, United Kingdom

“Dan filled our brief in relation to Resilience for staff and he connected this nicely to our Pos-Ed program. Many staff commented later that they found the session valuable and enriching. Dan has a great personable manner which resonated well with our staff.”

Madonna Ahern – Mount St. Michael’s College, Ashgrove, QLD.

“I really enjoyed Dan’s presentation at the Positive School’s Conference in Brisbane, and am very pleased to know that I’m doing lots of things right. I felt really energised about teaching in Secondary school after hearing his presentation.”

Whitney McCarthey-Cole – Year 8 Co-ordinator

“Hearing Dan speak at the Positive Schools Conference in Fremantle reminded me that the work we undertake with young people in educational settings has a profound effect on their future. It was refreshing to hear Dan speak about education in the 21st century and the need to engage young people in their learning and the world around them to inspire a passion for lifelong learning. Dan is very energetic and enthusiastic about his work and it is inspiring to see someone put the wellbeing of young people at the forefront of their work.”

Rachel Beddoe – Anti-Bullying Strategy Co-ordinator, Wales, UK