“The Robots Are Coming!” – Chatting with Dr Jordan Nguyen

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A few weeks ago I had the fortune of speaking at an event alongside Dr Jordan Nguyen. And I was even more fortunate that we were able to catch up for a chat once his talk was done.

Jordan is a biomedical engineer, inventor, TV host and general all-round good bloke.

Having already invented a mind-controlled wheelchair, and being deeply invested in the development of Artificial Intelligence and the ethical considerations required when doing this, he assures me we’re safe from a Terminator-type outcome… for now.

We spoke about how his talents were largely left undiscovered at school, and how a freak accident enabled him to find his purpose and spark his intellectual journey.

You can listen to our chat here as part of my semi-regular spot on the TER Podcast. I hope you enjoy it.

You can find out more about Jordan at his website. 

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