[SNEAK PREVIEW] Chatting with Sir Ken Robinson

Last week I presented at the Future Schools event in Melbourne.

As well as speaking across the program, I also facilitated a panel discussion with former Templestowe College principal, Peter Hutton; the CEO of AITSL, Lisa Rodgers and creativity expert and New York Times best selling author, Sir Ken Robinson.

After the event I sat down with Sir Ken for an interview that will feature in next week’s TER Podcast, but until then, here is a sneak preview of what to expect.

Link to the Sneak Preview

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    • Hi John,
      There always have been, and always will be – I suspect – those with opposing views. And for what it’s worth I welcome that. I regularly read Greg’s (considering you linked to his blog post specifically) articles and whilst I disagree with him – as I know he would with me – on various issues, I find his writing challenges me to think. I deliberately seek out opposing views, not so I can construct a counter argument, but rather to gain an understanding of where people are at. Something I’m not sure you get if *everyone* agrees *all* the time.
      So no need to *sigh* imho – Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  1. Good point. I don’t mind opposing opinions either, and Greg’s writings are generally a good challenge. I guess my sighing comes from when people dismiss things entirely – as Ken himself points out in his interview with you, it’s ironic when people attack your ideas for not having academic rigour, when their attacks themselves lack academic rigour!!

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