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I came across this really cool little project that your class may (or may not, of course) be interested in taking part in.

It’s absolutely noting to do with me, it’s being facilitated by Steve Box from Queensland, Australia.

He says…


This term, as part of our Year 5 Unit of Inquiry ‘How We Organise Ourselves’, students are inquiring into the structure and organisation of groups in our society and their interactions. As part of this, we are engaging in a Global Postcard Connection that will bring a trans-disciplinary approach (maths, geography, literacy) to our inquiry.  

If you have another teacher at your school interested, they would be welcome. Year 5 is our age, but it isn’t essential for our connections.

What our boys will do:

Each student in Year 5 will send two postcards to classes around the globe. In the message of this postcard will be a simple question that the boys are asking as part of a data collection and to inform their understanding of family structures as a particular group in society.  

They will also share their answer to this same question. The boys will use an online mapping tool to ‘pin’ the destination of their postcards. Collectively we will map and track the distances that these postcards will travel. Using a google spreadsheet, our students will also note the date that the postcards are sent and look at the time that it takes for the postal system to connect us.

What we need from you:

Firstly, please complete the google form here –   that allows us to have accurate details for postage.

One entry per class would be fantastic. Secondly, upon the arrival of the postcard, please note in this google spreadsheet the date of arrival.

Next, we would love to have someone in your class, or the whole class collectively, send a postcard back to us, including the answer to the question posed by our students. Please note the date you send this postcard in the spreadsheet.

We realise that email is such a quick and easy communication medium, but there is something exciting about receiving something in the mail and we hope this helps to build an appreciation of more ‘traditional’ communication modes.

So over to you! Get involved, you never know where something like this could take your kids!

In other news

I’m looking forward to keynoting the Asia Pacific Conference for Adolescent Success in Singapore and working hard to finalise the make up of my 2015 Executive Partnership Program, which next year will include an online option for schools located outside of Australia.

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