Why Focus on Wellbeing in School?

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Happy New Year!

This is my latest Talking Point clip.

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  1. Excellent! Well-being, happiness and a feeling of belonging at school & community is so important for students and teachers. I think a lot about the way I was able to teach in the past (tertiary-level @ a Canadian College) and now the limits placed on this due to curriculum constraints etc. I am a preservice teacher in Qld and hope to be teaching ICTs and Business to secondary students next year. Every professional experience I have had has shown me how rushed and over-worked teachers are at the moment, it makes it hard to work on an ethics of care (Noddings) in the classroom. I want to get to know my students and show that I really care but that appears not to be an easy thing given the amount of testing, curriculum constraints and high-level of documentation that seems to be required. That said, it’s the personal interaction and helping students to really learn how to learn that is important to me….so I’m staying positive! 🙂

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