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Sometimes I feel I’m guilty of talking too much. Especially about issues that really require action.

So I’m always inspired when I meet people who actually DO STUFF.

One such person is Jenni Iloski from Bondi Youth Accommodation, an organisation that has been working with homeless youth for over 30 years.

Jenni is the coordinator of a program called Green Light Movement that aims to help young people who have experienced homeless to learn to drive.

Learning to drive is a skill, often taught by a parent or family member, but young people who have experienced homelessness often don’t have that family support. As a result, learning to drive is a challenge.

Green Light Movement is a reduced fee, learn to drive program that provides supervised driver training for young people, who do not have family support to learn how to drive.

They provide a car, professional driving instruction and volunteers to supervise the required 120 hours of supervised driving.


Green Light Movement is currently registered for the Project Local initiative. An initiative supported by the local papers e.g. Wentworth Courier, which promotes local projects and enables community members to vote for which project they would like to receive $2,500.00

They’ll use the $2500 to pay for comprehensive insurance, Car registration & Compulsory Third Party Insurance $538

PLEASE VOTE! – It takes 2 mins and costs you nothing to help make a difference in the life of people who really need it.


  • Please register via and vote for Green Light Movement In the ‘select your local paper’ section, scroll down to ‘Wentworth Courier’
  • You will need to register and then you will be allocated 10 votes
  • Go to the ‘current ideas’ tab and view Green Light Movement
  • Vote! – You can give them all your votes (As I did) or distribute to other community ideas too.
Help spread the message by sharing on Facebook, emailing family and friends or tweeting – you can do all this by using the buttons below!

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