Calling for Corporal Punishment in the 21st Century – yes really (!?!?)

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I write a weekly column for Generation Next’s Newsletter and Blog. This is my piece from this week’s newsletter.

This week I read a story out of – where else – the USA. It was the story of a girl aged six, who was handcuffed by police after she had thrown a tantrum in school. Apparently the school decided to call in the law when she began tearing things off the wall and throwing books and toys. It is also reported that the principal was struck in the leg with a small shelf.

Whether or not you agree with the school calling the police to deal with a six year-old girl, it does beg the question how should we discipline disruptive children in school.

Listening to talk-back radio this week, listeners and shock-jocks alike were frothing at the mouth at the prospect of bring back corporal punishment – the majority of whom were in favour of a return to the draconian measures.

This was on the back of Pastor Daniel Nalliah saying his new political party, Rise Up Australia would advocate for a change in legislation in order to allow a principal to administer a “paddling” to a badly behaved student.

It’s probably worth noting that Pastor Nalliah is the same guy who blamed the Queensland floods on Kevin Rudd’s stance on Israel, and according to him the deadly Victorian bushfires of 2009 were because the State had decriminalised abortion. So I’m not sure how seriously we should take him. (But I’m guessing – not very!)

Nevertheless, callers to Radio 2GB in Sydney were reminiscing of the “good old days” when children respected their elders, and they were quick to point out that, “It never did us any harm.”

But in fact, I’d argue it has done a fair amount of harm as we now have a generation who believe the best way to get children to listen in school is to threaten them with physical pain. Hitting them with sticks or paddles…

As Chu-ang Tzu said, “Rewards an punishment are the lowest form of education.”

Surely there has to be a better way?

We could start by ensuring school is an inspiring place where kids want to be.

Just a thought.

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0 Comments on “Calling for Corporal Punishment in the 21st Century – yes really (!?!?)

  1. Children should be treated with love and respect. Calling the police – what a ‘cop’ out (pun intended). Let the child throw the tantrum but make sure that both s/he is safe and others are safe as well. Sit with the child quietly. Don’t speak with them until they are ready and then speak softly – with love.

    If one wants to hit or ‘paddle’ perhaps they should become a boxer not a teacher.

  2. Crazy talk from shock jocks…what a surprise! I suppose It is all the fault of the carbon Tax.

    Corporal punishment is so out of step with what education is about. I do not know one teacher who would even consider this option because there are no teachers who would like the responsibility of having to hit a child as punishment.

  3. The so-called researchers who say they have evidence regarding disciplinary measures. What a standing joke! Like true disciples of scientific research, they line up children, smack half, then ask the half they smacked whether they feel good and ask the other half whether they feel good? Record the results?

    The results are coming in — the destruction of society and of the future. But if the Devil passes a law, why do people follow it? The Devil’s laws are only made for breaking. But here is the catch — as the Scriptures imply, a people too weak to even correct their children (in natural filial affection) will prove unable to raise their children to become stable, secure adults. Why would any parent pay the slightest heed to these bogus researchers and these anti-law laws?

    Meanwhile, the real cause of increased child abuse — parental difficulties, drug abuse, marriage breakdown, poor supervision of children, and bullying (amongst children) — proceed apace.

    Eh, and, Dan., read my site and think a while. Teachers certainly should not be policemen to others’ children but at the same time they should get within a light year of truth and reality — and the latest science info., for that matter. Where have you been? Sucked down by communal idiocy?

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