How “new” has this year been for you?

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There is a well-known saying in TV circles, that goes something like, “There’s no such thing as a new year. Just old ones recycled.” The amount of re-runs that the networks spew our each year is testament to this, but more than that, we get the same old – same old in terms of “reality” TV, talent shows, so-called current affairs programs.

I wonder if the teaching profession is also guilty of this sometimes?

Do we just do the same old-same old? After all if it worked last year, why change it? We certainly don’t want to take the chance that our new methods might not work!

We probably all sat through inspiring presentations first day back at school, only to forget them the very next as we got back into the old routine. 

Of course it’s not just in the workplace.

How many of us made a New Year’s Resolution that has since long been forgotten?

Well it’s not too late to make this year a truly new one for you! Professionally at least!

On Friday March 2nd, along with approximately 350 other teachers I will be apart of the TeachMeet professional development event at the Australian Technology Park in Eveleigh from 5pm – 8pm.

What’s so new about this?

1. It’s professional development for teachers by teachers.

2. If you have a cool idea/use of technology/lesson idea then YOU can present!

3. There are NO keynotes. It’s a series of short sharp 2min or 7min presentations, or 15min interactive workshops known as sandpits (yes, as in play. The idea is you play around with a concept, website, app… whatever.)

4. You make genuine connections with educators all over Sydney, who are all keen to collaborate rather than compete! Yes that’s right folks… forget about those league tables!! Shock Horror!!

5. It’s fun.

I’ll be giving a 7min presentation on the Fear of Failure and appropriately I’ll be presenting in a particular medium for the very first time. So I’ll certainly be walking the walk as well as talking the talk!

I urge you to come on down, and/or share this with your network/school colleagues. I guarantee you, that in terms of ideas for innovative teaching, it will be the best professional development you do all year.

And it will be New!


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