Can you help me raise $1000 for Men’s Health?

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As you’ll be aware this month is Movember, the global initiative to raise awareness of Men’s Health, with particular emphasis on depression and prostate cancer.

I will be growing a moustache in an attempt to raise $1000.

You may think, “What’s the big deal about you growing a moustache? You’ve had a goatee as long as I’ve known you!”

And here in lies the issue. The rules of Movember stipulate you MUST start the month completely CLEAN SHAVEN.

Now, my facial hair grows at a rate comparable to that of a 12 year old. I grew a goatee at age 18 after not shaving for 4 months.

The  beard component of the goatee serves to disguise my disproportinately large chin.

A chin so large that when I was in Year 7, I was awarded the Jimmy Hill Award for Largest Chin in High School.

In Year 10, I was awarded the Desperate Dan Award for Largest Chin in the County (Open Age Division).

So in order to make my efforts, and the inevitable ridicule worthwhile… Please, please, please, (pretty please with a cherry on top) donate to Movember here… and you can see my mo grow here

And you know what? Even if you can’t donate, at least go home and have a chat with your beloved men folk about their health…

Because to be honest, as blokes, we think we’re too tough to talk about or worry about our health. We won’t get stuff checked out… And sometimes when eventually we do find out there’s a problem… it’s too late.

(By the way Prostate Cancer can now be checked via a simple blood test… no fingers!!!)

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