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Page 17 of today’s edition of the Sydney Morning Herald carries an article I wrote regarding the development of the new Australian Curriculum. Read it online here

Entitled “Old Ways Curb Young” Minds and featuring comment from Daniel Pink, Richard Gerver, Brian Caldwell and Professor Robyn Ewing, I will  be interested to see what reaction it gets, not only from the Education sector, but the public in general.

Please let me know what you think!

In other news…

My colleague, Ray Francis and I will be presenting at this weeks Association of Independent Schools Pastoral Care Conference. We are running a 60 min workshop on “Strengths-based approaches to Student Wellbeing.”

I’m also pleased to confirm that I have been invited to speak at the highly regarded Generation Next Youth Wellbeing Seminar in Perth in September.

Click here for more info on both of these events.

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  1. Hello Dan, your recent article resonates on a number of levels.

    First off, on the topic of engaging young minds embracing modern tech / social media you could well be interested in the findings of this report published following research social impact of social media by The Australian National University.

    Professor Ian Young Vice-Chancellor of The Australian National University states,

    “The results from ANUpoll are largely positive, and counter the pessimistic view that the Internet is undermining effective social relations and good citizenship. Frequent Internet users are not more socially disengaged than their counterparts who rely on personal interaction. They are at least as good citizens, and report similar or higher levels of social capital.”

    Secondly, pleased to see you are a catalyst for change since despite being the recipient/pupil of what I consider to be a relatively good and solid secondary education in the UK it was primarily geared towards passing exams. It however failed on a number of other levels. Had the better fortune more recently to share some thoughts with a former neighbour who was consulted by UK Gov’ on learning methods for children and received an OBE no less recognising her contributions so could possibly provide some form of online introduction. She is coincidentally on Facebook!

    Finally, since my niece and nephews in Australia will be recipients of the education system your work could well provide some greater satisfaction somewhere along the line so keep up the good work!



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