Just another disappointing sequel

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My latest article has been picked up by Online Opinion.

Just another disappointing sequel

 With perhaps the exception of The Godfather Part II and The Empire Strikes Back, sequels rarely receive comparative critical acclaim as their predecessors. Sequels often offer little to enhance the story, in many cases only serving to confuse or infuriate the audience.

My School 2.0 is an example of another disappointing sequel.

It still relies on NAPLAN scores to sustain its plot, but this time funding is introduced to the script to add further substance.

TV news reporters and newspaper journalists have been quick to expose the fact that independent schools spend more money on their students than state schools. Was that the twist in the story? Did we really not see that coming?

Federal Minister for Schools, Peter Garrett, heralded the launch of My School 2.0 as, “A great day for parents around Australia.” He also added, “We’re now going to see parents, schools, the community, the media and others really start to have a deep discussion over the next months. That’s a good thing.”

A deep discussion about what? Certainly not improving education.

Read the full article at Opinion Opinion.

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