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I thought I’d let you know that proposals for this years NSW Teacher Scholarships are now being accepted as well as show you an interesting video from this year’s TED talks – the common theme – improving education by looking at it differently… for those who apply… good luck!

NSW Premier’s Teacher Scholarships 2011

You wouldn’t be reading this post if I hadn’t been awarded the NSW Premier’s Anika Foundation Teacher Scholarship… (so you can blame them!!!)

But I thought I’d let you know that the Department of Education are not accepting proposals for 2011. There are scholarships for teachers of all subjects, and I highly recommend having a look at them. If nothing else it gives you the opportunity to look at what you do in a different way.

You can access details of them here.

Anika Foundation 2011

I’m honoured to say that I have been invited to join the selection panel for the 2011 Anika Foundation scholarship to address and raise awareness of youth depression.

You can download the Anika Foundation Scholarship proposal form below…

2011 Anika Proposal Form

Salman Khan speaks at TED 2011

Salman Khan talks about how and why he created the remarkable Khan Academy, a carefully structured series of educational videos offering complete curricula in math and, now, other subjects. He shows the power of interactive exercises, and calls for teachers to consider flipping the traditional classroom script — give students video lectures to watch at home, and do “homework” in the classroom with the teacher available to help.

[ted id=1090]

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