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“Would you mind if I included some of your work in my new book?”
“I beg your pardon?” I replied.
Again came the question… “Would you mind if I included some of your work in my new book? We’re taking it on a forty city tour of the States in March next year…”

Dr John Yeager and I had been discussing the work that Ray Francis and I have been doing at Emanuel School and he wondered if we’d allow him to include it in a new book he is co-authoring with Dave Shearon and Sherri Fisher. Together the three of them are Positive Psychology Pioneers having studied under Martin Seligman in the inaugural 2006 Masters of Applied Positive Psychology course at University of Pennsylvania. They are also the founders of Flourishing Schools.

Needless to say, Ray and I are very happy to contribute to this book. 🙂

John Yeager hosted my visit to Culver Academy in Indiana. In my preparation for my study tour everyone  I spoke to, particularly in the States, said I had to visit Culver and meet with John. The work Culver does is nationally and internationally renowned. I had the privilege of spending two days with John, and during that time we discussed many aspects of the work he has spent his entire career pioneering, as well as the work I am embarking on. I met with numerous staff who John has trained and saw first hand the positive effect it has on the faculty and the students. Culver host many visitors from all over the world, and my visit was incredibly well facilitated. From the 7.15 breakfast meeting with the Dean of Academics, meeting with the staff  who drive strengths and positive psychology at Culver, as well as the students who benefit from it; my day culminated with a 5.30 meeting with the Mental Health Councillor in which he introduced me to Sand Tray Therapy. The psychologists amongst you will have more of idea about what this is about, but it certainly looked interesting. I saw every facet of Culver’s “strengths-based” approach to education and it has already spawned new ideas in my thinking. It was an inspiring (but cold) time in Indiana, and I’d like to think it won’t be my last visit to Culver, although I may go in Summer next time!

At the time of writing this I’m into my second day in New Orleans.

My time here is proving to be the most profound and moving experience of my professional career. As such, I will be making a separate post devoted to my time in New Orleans in a couple of days… to those who sign up for email updates I apologise for the “double-hit” you’ll get from me this week 🙂

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