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Well I certainly got what I asked for… and it has been a hectic few days!

The last line of my Sydney Morning Herald article asked “Can we at least talk about it?” in reference to youth depression and suicide. The overwhelming majority of the feedback both at SMH and at Online Opinion was very positive towards my article.

There was one letter to the editor in the SMH from Dr Michael Carr-Gregg who dismissed my article as “(a) hysterical thought bubble.” Fortunately another Herald reader saved me the trouble of responding by writing in to disagree! I’m glad to say that Michael Carr-Gregg and I have since had a chat and it appears we are on the same page, which is great.

What has been incredibly humbling is the amount of positive feedback and encouragement I have received from survivors of depression and attempted suicide, chronic sufferers of the condition and family members and friends of those who have completed suicide.

The article prompted two radio interviews with 2UE and the ABC which you can now hear on my new Listen Page. Of particular note, on the ABC I was interviewed with Deputy Director of SANE Australia, Paul Morgan, who concurred with me that evidence based programs must be embedded as part of a new national curriculum.

I have also received invitations from around Australia to visit universities and research labs to see first hand the work that is being done in the area of youth depression. I have also been invited to offer some input in how they could be applied in education.

Oh… and one other thing… I have finally stepped into the 21st Century myself, and acquired a Facebook and Twitter account… but I’ve no idea what I’m doing with them!

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  1. Hi Dan,
    You will always have opinions and other people’s beliefs to contend with. Dr. Carr-Gregg has his agenda and if it’s based on egoic unawareness nothing will really change. An important goal to remember, as you learn more about the mind, is to not follow the same path and that’s to stack your beliefs on the already “wobbly intact edifice” awaiting the next storm, the next person with something to prove and with a strong need to be right. All you will end up with is another rigid set of standards that will eventually add more confusion and misunderstanding to the Human phenomena of unfelt emotions. Your passion will protect you and your emotions will guide you. Feel everything. Steve.

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