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I’ve always been a fan of the Sydney Morning Herald and Radio 2UE; and today is no exception!

On page 11 of today’s edition of the Sydney Morning Herald, you will find an article I have written entitled “It’s time to confront the deadliest demon of them all” (the SMH’s headline, not mine.)

In it I discuss the role of teachers in enhancing the wellbeing of students. I also discuss the need for the national curriculum to allow teachers to do this, by recognising that the 21st Century student needs a 21st Century curriculum; not some rehashed 200 year old model.

Click here to read “It’s time to confront the deadliest demon of them all” on the Sydney Morning Herald site.

In my article I also mention the work of Shelley Crawford and Nerina Caltabiano entitled The School Professionals’ Role in Identification of Youth at Risk of Suicide.  Due to the nature of an opinion piece I wasn’t able to go into any detail regarding this study, but it is definitely worth reading if you are a teacher, counsellor or parent.

Please feel free to contribute either to the comments on the SMH site or right here!

I’m also being interviewed on Radio 2UE’s Drive show today between 3.30 & 4.30. Tune in to 954 on the AM dial.

It’s now less than 2 weeks until I head off on my Study Tour. I will be sending an  “e-postcard” each week letting you know what I’ve been up to.

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0 Comments on “Did you get the Sydney Morning Herald today?

  1. Hi Dan, I missed the radio interview, I hope it went well. I read your article and some of the comments, lot’s of opinions, lot’s of egos. I suppose you are prepared for all the different and strong emotional feedback you will encounter. Your energy and passion for this often unchartered stormy journey will be tested, if it hasn’t already. I will look forward to what your tour brings. If you want any feedback from a survivors point of view please don’t hesitate to contact me. I have seen the system first hand. Since turning the corner I have obtained a Diploma in Health Counselling and have spent the last four years counselling with people and developing my awareness on all levels.
    Good luck and good fortune. Steve.

  2. As always Steve, thanks for your interest!
    You can now listen to the interviews (still waiting on the ABC one) on the Listen Page.

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