Session 3

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Workshop Website

Session 2

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Workshop Website

CEO Wollongong Bullying Video

Flow by Mihaly+Csikszentmihalyi

Session 1

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Some other interesting links (in no particular order)

Tell me what you thought of the workshops

Mindsets That Promote Resilience – Research Paper

How to Motivate Students to Work Harder – News Article citing the research

Free Mindset Resources for Educators (You need to sign up, but it’s free)

Growth Mindset Feedback(PDF)

John Hattie & Helen Timperley, The Power of Feedback

Stephen Dinham, Powerful Teacher Feedback

Assessing the best method of learning, The Scotsman

Dylan Wiliam, Feedback on Learning

Alfie Kohn, The Case Against Grades

Pygmalion in the Classroom by Rosenthal & Jacobson

Mindset by Carol Dweck PhD. The importance of understanding Fixed Growth mindsets

Mindtools.com – Advice on Coaching

An overview of the research on Character Strengths

Discover your Strengths – Take the Survey

Why use your strengths? Research to underpin the rationale for using strengths

340 ways to use your signature strengths by Tayyab Rashid, University of Pennsylvania

The Johari Window

Dan’s Education Manifesto: Still Trying to Find X

Ted Talks