Below – in no particular order – is a list of resources that I like around wellbeing.

I do not receive any remuneration from any of these organisations or resources with the exception of the Black Dog Institute to whom I consult.

Check out:

Have a look at NSW DEC’s CESE 5 Keys to Student Wellbeing

A multidimensional approach to measuring well-being in students: Application of the PERMA framework [PDF]

Building Resilience: A Model to Support Children and Young People – Victoria Dept of Education

Principles for Health & Wellbeing – Victoria Dept of Education

QUT’s Resourceful Adolescent Program

Safe Schools Hub


Interview with Prof Ian Shochet – Link to his Publications

beyondblue’s Senseability Program

Black Dog Institute’s HeadStrong Program

Black Dog Institute’s BiteBack website

Celebrating Strengths

The Healthy Minds Program

Growing Great Schools

Wellbeing Australia




Better Than OK

SMART Strengths