An Online Session just for Teaching Principals

Thursday 15th August 2024

9:30am - 11:00am Online

Leading Learning
While Learning Leading

Exploring the Specific Complexity of Being a Teaching Principal

In this session, Dan Haesler will share with you a mindset and skillset that will help you navigate many of the complexities you face courtesy of being a Teaching Principal.

Whether it’s learning on the job, the sense of loneliness, or the pressure that comes from being constantly ‘on show’ in a small town, Dan will encourage you to reflect on what you can do individually and what you can contribute to collectively in order to show up as the leader you want to be.

Furthermore, what you learn in this keynote can be applied in your personal life too.

This session is designed to impact how you interact with those you work with and lead, and those you live with and love.

“Your ability to leader others is wholly dependent on your ability to lead yourself.”

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About dan

Dan Haesler is a former teacher who now works as a performance and leadership coach. He specialises in Mindset, Mental Skills & Leadership. Dan works with elite athletes and sporting teams, as well as corporate leaders and organisations.

Dan has worked with members of the Australian Olympic and Commonwealth Games Teams, as well as athletes from a wide variety of sports. In the NRL, he is the Performance and Leadership Coach with 3-time premiers, The Penrith Panthers and works 1:1 with the 2023 RLPA Player of the Year, Shaun Johnson.

Dan is a Director of Cut Through Coaching and he and the team work with all manner of organisations including, Boston Consulting Group, Roche Diagnostics Australia, CHEP, People’s Choice and Boston Scientific as well as schools and educational organisations across Australia. 

Since it’s release in 2021, Dan’s book, The Act of Leadership has been the best-selling Australian-authored business title (perhaps because it’s about people not business) and has been described by James Kerr, the best-selling author of Legacy as a book that will, “Change your life”.