When teachers say they’ve not heard of Sir Ken

A couple of weeks ago, I asked a room full of Australian teachers if they’d heard of Sir Ken Robinson.  One person tentatively raised their hand – and even then, he didn’t seem too sure. I was seriously taken aback, not least because I use Sir Ken’s name in some of my promotional material! Dan […]

Vive le Revolution!

On Friday 2nd March, the teaching community of Sydney got together for an incredible event. Starting at 5pm (yes… after School), 300+ teachers from across all the educational sectors got together to share concepts, collaborate, start new projects, discuss technology and generally explore the nature, purpose and possibilities of education. I’ve written of the TeachMeet phenomenon […]

(Un)Professional Development

Yesterday I attended my first Teach Meet event. Along with about 40 other teachers I listened as teachers presented either 2 or 7 minute presentations of things they do with their classes. I gave this 7 minute presentation.  Teach Meets take place regularly all over Sydney, with some on the North Shore attracting over 70 […]

Teachers v Computers – No Contest!

When I speak around the country, I get the those in attendance to raise their hand if they had a favourite teacher at school – invariably everyone has a favourite teacher – an indication in itself of the impact we have on people’s lives. I then ask them to keep their hands raised if this […]