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“Getting rid of the Dross”

Towards the end of 2012 I had two conversations with teachers in two different schools that made me stop and think. The first was with a principal who in response to my assertion that we overuse grades in school replied: I’ve heard all this before. But if we stop grading, we end up with kids who are shit but who don’t know they’re shit. A few days later during a Q&A with a teaching faculty, a number of teachers started […]

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What if every teacher blogged?

Let’s just say for a moment that in teaching, we value concepts such as: Fostering relationships Enhancing resilience & staff wellbeing Encouraging deep reflection Sharing of best practice and vision Engagement in our profession Enhancing teacher quality Cross-curricular links Links to the “real” world* Peer-to-peer coaching The development of a body of work The ability to stay “current” with social & technological trends Which one of these would blogging NOT address? I believe that blogging is the simplest, cheapest but […]

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