Why you shouldn’t work with me

If I had a business coach – which I don’t, but if I did – they would probably smack me around the chops for writing a post like this. But hey… what the heck, here goes! You, or your school shouldn’t work with me if: 1. You’re just ticking a box. I was approached by […]

When teachers say they’ve not heard of Sir Ken

A couple of weeks ago, I asked a room full of Australian teachers if they’d heard of Sir Ken Robinson.  One person tentatively raised their hand – and even then, he didn’t seem too sure. I was seriously taken aback, not least because I use Sir Ken’s name in some of my promotional material! Dan […]

The problem with professional learning

I love getting feedback. After each speaking engagement or facilitated workshop, I seek feedback from those who attended and from those who engaged me for the gig. I enjoy receiving positive feedback (obviously) but it’s the feedback that suggests improvements, or points to flaws in my delivery that push me to be better at what […]

TOP SECRET: For Principals’ Eyes Only

Are you a Principal? Yes? Read on. No? Walk away from the screen. You were never here. ——- Last year I posed a question in a blog post. Why did the principal cross the corridor? Why would the principal of your school come into your classroom? As principals, I thought it might be useful to share […]

Forget teaching… how about some learning?

If you’re interested, I’m involved in two professional learning events in the coming days. PLANE Festival of Learning                   You can REGISTER HERE to attend or you can watch the Live Feed here. Follow on Twitter using #FOL12 If you’re there, please stop by and have a chat! PLANE LeadMeet […]