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What is it with Rs in Education… This week: Root Rating?!?!

The (anti) social media habits of schoolkids have taken up a lot of newspaper and online column space this week in Australia. The latest craze to take hold of our teens (doesn’t it seem like only last month it was planking?) is to “rate roots” via ingeniously titled “Root Rater” pages on Facebook. For the benefit of my international readers, “rooting” is the uniquely Australian euphemism for getting to know someone very well. The accepted protocol seems to be: root, […]

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Whose Job Is It Anyway?

If you’ve read my articles, or heard me speak you would know that I often make the assertion that,  as a collective body of adults, the school and not the parents are the significant adults in the life of the 21st Century child. Till now this belief was  based only on anecdotal observations and common sense. However, as part of my own schools professional development program, the staff were addressed by Dr Ian Lillico from the Boys Forward Institute. He spoke of […]

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How Should We Measure The Effectiveness of a School?

Consider the following students… Christopher* is a Year 12 student who is on course for a top ATAR. He is likely to be the Dux of the School. However, Christopher has always had issues socializing, and suffers anxiety. It is not clear how he will function outside the structure of a small high school. David has been in the bottom sets his whole school career. His teachers constantly recognize the fact that he appears to be working to the best […]

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