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Shut Up & Think!

I joined Twitter over three years ago. One of the first educators I followed was @cpaterso – or Cameron Paterson, as I’m assuming it says on his passport. His then-bio appealed to me. It was something along the lines of hating grades and – I think in the metaphorical rather than literal sense – wanting to “blow up school.” Since then I’ve enjoyed his thoughts on education, and had the pleasure of working with him and some of the staff at […]

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Let’s really flip the classroom

I‘ve read a fair amount about the flipped classroom of late… gotta be honest… I’ve not really been blown away by the concept in the way many have… To me it doesn’t seem that revolutionary to me… I’m not sure how it is any different to an English teacher giving the class a text to read at home, so they can discuss it the next day in class… Anyone? Beuller? Anyone? So… as I said let’s really flip it! What if our extra-curricular activities […]

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