Response from 7Eleven

In reply to my open letter to the Chairman of 7Eleven, the company posted this response on their Facebook page.

It’s a start… as I imply below.

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Thank-you so much. Your energy in doing right and caring for our beautiful children is spot on. Every blessing in Jesus.

Wow Dan talk about tackling the big issues. Couldn’t agree more. The placement of pornographic magazines in 7-Eleven is disgraceful. I’d say let’s go a step further and create a height restriction for children entering the store, better still make them enter the store on all fours with their head down. While we are at it how ’bout the toxic fumes that children have to in hail through merely being at the service station. How do those 7-Eleven bastards sleep at night?!

Last night i entered a 7-Eleven because i thought you may have been over reacting to such a minor issue. Boy was i wrong; when did these places turn into houses of smut?? The attendant happily directed me to a health section that he said was a new addition “Containing fruit and veg” he said. Containing porn in fruit form he must have meant! Melons the shape of boobs, oranges the shape of, well, smaller boobs… I don’t even want to tell you what the bananas reminded me of. And to think they let children in there. Disgusting

Hey Drew,
Thanks for taking the time to come up with such a funny comment.
Unfortunately though, I’m afraid, all too often we fail to see how these seemingly small issues compound other seemingly small issues.
And you’re right it is a small issue, so it shouldn’t be too difficult for 7Eleven to address should it?
Cheers again,

Congratulations Dan. Although I do not have children (a personal choice I made due to my lack of faith in the path of human kind) I sincerely empathise with those who do. The amount of porn invading our culture is saddening, and to know there is a father who cares enough about his children that he is willing to approach a company to try and initiate some change is heartening. Wishing you the best of luck in getting a positive outcome!

Thanks so much for taking the time and effort to pursue this critical issue. I have 3 sons and 2 daughters and the vigilance required to help them hang on to their childhood innocence for a decent amount of time is sometimes exhausting. I am grateful to you for being so proactive in the battle.

Well done Dan, obviously too much time on your hands. I can tell you why they keep the sweets away from the children, it’s because they can’t keep their grotty mitts off them, they pick them up and suck on them and god knows what else. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a 4 year old pick up one of the above mags that you have mentioned and gone “hey look Mum/Dad, tittys!”. They’re too worried about the chocolate they can’t reach (and for good reason).

There was a topic brought up with this exact same thing on “The Project” some time ago. And at the time, I looked to try and find all these nude like mags and I struggled. And even with the photo that is with your comment, I’ve seen women less dressed on the cover of women’s mags.

I’m sorry but I found seven elevens response acceptable, but yet again you still had to take a step further. Get over yourself and get a life. People are sick of having to watch out for other peoples kids cause their own parents can’t.

no kids going to worry about some porn magazine while in the shop and if they do who cares, what you would rather your kid turn into some fatty while munching down a chocolate bar that they are more interested in. GET OVER IT. i would be complaining about the sugar drinks and chocolate bars and cigarettes stuff that can do you harm before i worry about some sealed mag that is probably less offensive than a bras and things catalouge that is sent in the mail on a monthly basis.

Well done! It takes people to stand up and say it’s not ok.
You may not be listened to in the first instance, but if enough people are saying it, and address people /companies who make such blatantly irresponsible and inappropriate decisions, then something might well be done.
I spoke up at our local video store who displayed porn and horror (A-Z arrangement of the 3 day hire) right next door to the kids section. So a child that hadn’t learned to keep to his section and was going a long a whole row (as mine did) there were some truly horrible and inappropriate images on front covers of DVD’s that no young child should see. Actually, to get to the kiddie section in the back corner, you had to PASS the A-Z section so even the most vigilant parents struggled.
At least put some comedy, sitcoms or family favourites next to kids, I suggested. No way were they interested in changing their layout on the back of one oral complaint. But I bet they would if more people spoke up and didn’t accept it as the status quo.

We have since changed video hire places and I ensured the manager knew why (network Video, Grange!), but they haven’t taken on any corporate responsibility to change things for the children. How about just the kiddie section near the front of the store so we can confine them to a certain section??

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