YOTSOne of the great opportunities I have is to partner with my great friends at Kids Giving Back to run an 8-week program for kids who attend Step Up and Key College. Both these schools are run by Youth Off The Streets.

The program involves the kids coming to Our Big Kitchen in Bondi, learning how to cook cheap and nutritious meals. Whilst the food is cooking they spend time with me looking at how they can challenge the narrative they carry around with them day after day. This is done by incorporating concepts from the fields of Positive Psychology, Mindset and Goal theory.

Once the food is cooked, they eat the food, but the real power in the program is the fact they make so much, they then deliver food to refugee centres, domestic violence refuges, other homeless shelters and other well deserving organisations.

It’s a great program and the kids are overwhelmingly positive towards the program, in particular with regard to the opportunity they had to connect with others.