Some interesting links (in no particular order)

Take the online Mindset Survey

The LATE Model – How to talk to kids when they want help

Above or Below the Line Thinking

The Amygdala Hijack

We’re educating our youth unto unemployment – Dan Haesler in the Sydney Morning Herald

Do you need a degree to succeed? – Interview with PwC’s Deb Eckersley

Wrapping Kids in Cotton Wool – Blog piece on resilience by Dan

Mindset by Carol Dweck PhD. The importance of understanding Fixed Growth mindsets

Dan Pink – Author of Drive

Celia Lashlie – Parenting of Boys expert

Steve Biddulph – Parenting expert

What is Positive Psychology?  (PDF) Heaps of excellent reading suggestions and links.

Tal Ben Shahar – Author of Happier

The Khan Academy

7 Secrets to Motivating Teens – interesting blog post by Chris Hudson

Get Teens Talking – How to handle crucial conversations with your kids

Coaching Your Teen

MIndset Feedback Matrix

Straight Talk to Teens

Pygmalion in the Classroom by Rosenthal & Jacobson