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Associated Links around Positive Psychology, Wellbeing & Education

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Related Pathways:

PATHWAY 1 Leadership Commitment to Pastoral Care

1.11 The school leadership team demonstrates a collaborative approach to pastoral care and wellbeing.

PATHWAY 2 A Supportive and Connected School Culture

2.6 Positive, caring and respectful teacher to teacher relationships are maintained.

2.7 The school has a focus on staff wellbeing.


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Associated Links around Student Voice & Ownership

Safe Schools Hub – Focus on Student Wellbeing & Focus

Related Pathways

PATHWAY 2 A Supportive and Connected School Culture

2.4 Positive, caring and respectful student to teacher relationships are maintained.

PATHWAY 7 Student Wellbeing and Student Ownership

7.3 A strengths-based approach to student learning and participation that provides opportunities to celebrate success is evident across the school.

7.4 A range of opportunities is provided for student ownership and decision making, student voice and peer teaching.

PATHWAY 6 Safe School Learning and Teaching

6.1 There is a strong school focus on student engagement in learning.

6.2 Equitable curriculum is provided with differentiated learning opportunities.

6.3 Extensive use is made of cooperative learning and other relational teaching strategies.

6.6 Explicit teaching of social and emotional skills and values is embedded in all subjects across all year levels.

Positive Behaviour Approaches

5.2 Positive student behaviour that respects human dignity and is compassionate, just and equitable is promoted and recognised.

5.3 Socially just, consistent, restorative and positive approaches to student learning, support and behaviour are understood and consistently implemented by all staff at both the school and classroom level.