I’m not a behaviour expert, but like most things in education, I’m not convinced that a one-size-fits-all approach is likely to address every behaviour you see in your class. What works for a colleague of yours may not work for you.

Below are some points of reference for you to have a look at and think about. Talk about the merits or otherwise of some of the ideas presented.

Try the ones that feel comfortable for you – and don’t expect change overnight.

Behaviour change is the hardest thing to achieve. It takes time, persistence and a great deal of teacher resilience.

Try to see this as a professional challenge as opposed to a personal one.

Ramon Lewis – The Developmental Management Approach to Classroom Behaviour [BOOK]

You could also try Googling Ramon Lewis DMA – there are some good video clips etc out there.

Restorative Justice in Practice

Safe Schools Hub – Positive behaviour management.

Interventions and Resources for School Aged Youth

Bill Rogers Top 10 Tips – A blog article discussing some of Bill Rodgers approaches.

Discipline Help – Despite the slightly disconcerting title of ‘Master Teacher’ and the fact you have to sign up, this site offers some interesting insights into the reasons behind, the consequences of, ways to address and common mistakes made with regard to kids’ behaviour.

An article by Paul Dix – Something to talk about – would anything like this work in your rooms?

Shoeless Learning – Stephen Heppell

Coaching Conversations (For Staff) Try this link and this one

Dr Bill Walsh – Eat your way to behaving!