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Case Studies used in Dan’s Workshop

Open Letter to NZ

Most Likely to Succeed

Article on Innovative Schools

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Links & Resources

Curated Mindset Resources

Take the online Mindset Survey

Academic Tenacity

Guide to giving feedback: MIndset Feedback Matrix

Framing Lessons using Mindset language: Framing Tool

Formative Assessment

Developing the Theory of Formative Assessment

John Hattie & Helen Timperley: The Power of Feedback

Stephen Dinham: Powerful Teacher Feedback

Assessing the best method of learning: The Scotsman

Dylan Wiliam: Feedback on Learning

Response to Assessment Feedback – Grades, Praise & Sources of Information

Expeditionary Learning

Austin’s Butterfly: Watch the clip

Making Learning Visible: Project Zero

School Platforms

Mindset Works & Brainology


Carol Dweck: Mindset also check out Self Theories

Dylan Wiliam: Embedded Formative Assessment

Toni Glasson: Improving Student Achievement

Dan Pink: Drive