The “What I Learnt About Wellbeing” Keynote Prezi – View the presentation

The “Engaging Kids Today” Workshop Prezi – View the presentation

Some other interesting links (in no particular order)

Positivity Ratio – Barbara Fredrickson

Mindset by Carol Dweck PhD. The importance of understanding Fixed Growth mindsets

Dan Pink – Author of Drive – Motivation

Mindfulness Links

Dan Haesler’s Education Manifesto: Still Trying to Find X

Dylan William – UK Researcher – Grades

Alfie Kohn – More on grades

Bullying Video

Google in the Classroom

Facebook in School

Second Life in Education & Education specific destinations

QuadBlogging (Lots of PS and HS blog links to look at)

Young Scientists at Merrylands HS Blog

Watch a video about Edmodo

Massively Minecraft

Digital Leaders

Inc Magazine

Seth Godin’s Blog

Dr Jason Fox’s Blog