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Master Your Mental Game

“Dan has unlocked me. Early on in the season I was struggling and copped a fair bit of criticism. What he has been able to give me in terms of belief and trusting myself has been the reason for my turnaround.

Shaun Johnson

Cronulla Sharks, New Zealand & Former World Player of the Year

NRL Leading Try Assists 2020

Cronulla Sharks Player of the Year 2020

Mental skills coaching is designed to help athletes perform under pressure, and do so consistently.

Learn the theories & practical tools to build (or re-discover) your confidence to play well & consistently strive to improve.

Being the best is good. 

Being your best is better.

Develop focus, emotional control, resilience & mental toughness.
Master your motivation & mindset.

Every Athlete receives a free – no obligation – “Discovery Session” with me to ensure we’re are a good fit.


Most frequent questions and answers

They might be able to. But for athletes to really benefit from this work, they need to be vulnerable and express themselves in a way they might not feel comfortable doing so with their Head Coach.

This could be for all manner of reasons related to selection, contract renewals, role in the team etc.

The athlete can choose to share as much or as little information about the work being done, as the athlete, club and/or Head Coach deems appropriate.

No. The nature of Mental Skills Coaching is focused on the athlete themselves, not their opposition. And unless athletes speak publicly (to the media or the like), their work with me is confidential.

Athletes engage Dan on a month-by-month basis. 

Change takes time, as does building the kind of relationship required to support an athlete to affect that change.

Typically, 12 weeks (3 months) is the minimum amount of time you could expect to instil new habits that would lead to long-term, improved performance.

That said, most athletes will experience some form of improvement after the first session.

Depending on your situation, sport, stage of the season etc. we can tailor a program specific to you. 

About Dan

Dan Haesler is a coach whose work focuses on creating happier, healthier and higher performance.  He works with athletes & teams in order to help them thrive, professionally and personally. 

Dan’s clients include elite athletes and Olympians, as well national sporting bodies.

As a Director of Cut Through Coaching, he is also an international keynote speaker and regularly presents alongside industry leaders on topics of leadership, mindset, motivation and peak performance. 



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