How do you know if your school is successful?

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Podcast IconMy latest #OffCampus segment for the TERPodcast focused on how schools measure their success, and whether or not we need a rethink. You can listen to it here.

I touched on some broad themes, that each on their own could speak to your schools strategic plan for the next 5 years… you have one right?

How and when do you measure your schools success?

Do ‘value added’ data add anything of value?

Do our ‘best’ students from our ‘best’ schools need something more than a great ATAR?

Can – or indeed should – we do anything different?

You can listen to my 5min segment here.

Or the whole TERPodcast, featuring an interview with David Price OBE by listening here.


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  1. Hello Dan,

    Our ‘best’ students? Hhhhmmmm, by the measure of an ATAR? Students should be challenged, encouraged and supported to achieve their best ATAR. However, the “best students” will become young adults who can engage with challenging opportunities that will grow them as compassionate people with the honesty, integrity and moral strength to make right and just decisions.


  2. Dan
    Some great ideas. I think if we were to measure student outcomes NOT at the end of the HSC but in 3, 5, or even 10 years after the HSC this would drive massive positive change in our education system.
    The next questions are how do you do this and what do you measure? Do you have ideas?
    I want to start doing this!

    • I have ideas! But they need some significant thinking out…
      And of course I’m not saying we should disregard educational outcomes.
      But right from the outset we’d need to understand that whatever measurements we used cannot morph into another pseudo Premier League of ranking schools…
      But what if we could measure school connectedness, engagement, wellbeing?
      The measures are out there… Gallup, ACER, Authentic Happiness, VIAme, Ian Schochet at QUT and many others all offer alternate ways to look at how we live and engage in our lives.
      But whether or not individuals want to keep in touch with their school 3,5 or 10 yrs down the track may say more than any of these measures ever can!?

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