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All our work is tailored to suit your specific needs.  

Dan works 1:1 with elite athletes & coaches, as well as corporate & educational leaders. 

1:1 Coaching takes place either face to face or via Zoom or phone. 

Every coaching engagement is tailored specifically to you. 

Dan presents keynotes and workshops around the world on issues relating to how individuals and teams can aspire to happier, healthier & higher performance.

These can be presented as a 60-90min keynote, or as a half-day or full-day workshop and we’ll work with you to ensure that each presentation is tailored to the specific needs of your audience. 

Incorporating concepts such as emotional intelligence, leading teams, leading change and coaching, below is a little food for thought as to what Dan can present on.

Dan’s presentations explore how leaders can affect change in their organisations or communities with regard to engagement, wellbeing and mindset. 

Dan’s presentations encourage leaders to reflect on the following:

How do we identify areas to improve without de-motivating our team?

How can we get buy in?

How do we frame failure or setbacks in our context?

How do we ‘get stuff done?’

You can engage Dan and our team at Cut Through Coaching to work across your organisation. Head over to http://cutthroughhq.com/ to get the ball rolling.

Dan hosts the Habits of Leadership podcast in which he chats to the world’s leading experts in topics that help you and your teams to thrive. 

Check it out at: https://www.podcast.habitsofleadership.com/

Dan’s first book #SchoolOfThought is a collection of short reads about various issues in education. 

All profits from the sale of his book go to supporting the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. So far it’s raised over $50,000!

Buy your copy here. 

About Dan

Dan Haesler is a coach who works with elite athletes & teams as well as corporate leaders & educators.

His work centres on happier, healthier and higher performance.

Dan is an international keynote speaker and regularly presents alongside industry leaders on topics of leadership, mindset, motivation and peak performance.

Before moving to Australia, he was also once identified, on national TV, as the UK’s worst housemate. 


What people say

"Thank you! It really resonated with the players and they thoroughly enjoyed it. As always it was thought provoking and life changing."
Australian Jillaroos
World champions
“Dan had a lasting high quality impact on a wide ranging group of leaders from the Australian arm of our ASX 20 listed company. The feedback was the highest for any external contributor over the past 7 years."
Phillip Austin
President | CHEP Asia Pacific


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