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Do we need to re-think Gifted & Talented in school?

How to split a room of educators. Bring up “Gifted & Talented” #DansGuideToSpeaking — Dan Haesler (@danhaesler) June 14, 2014 Over the last couple of months I’ve been speaking around Australia about the need to understand the impact feedback has on an individual’s belief about their potential or need to learn. The source code for the talk […]

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We pay teachers waaaay too much!

This week I saw this tweet – an oldie but a goodie. Are you sick of overpaid teachers? — Jason Borton (@Borto74) May 30, 2014 It linked to this article.  I thought I’d put it into an Australian context. Teachers’ hefty salaries are driving up taxes, and they only work nine or ten months […]

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