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If I was interviewing for teaching staff…

Recently I was chatting to a principal about what we would look for in potential staff members if we had the opportunity to build a school from scratch. I scribbled down some notes, and later copied them onto my Tablet. I tweeted it out on my #DoodlesByDan tag and within about 2 hours it had […]

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Why you shouldn’t work with me

If I had a business coach – which I don’t, but if I did – they would probably smack me around the chops for writing a post like this. But hey… what the heck, here goes! You, or your school shouldn’t work with me if: 1. You’re just ticking a box. I was approached by […]

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A cool little project for your school

I came across this really cool little project that your class may (or may not, of course) be interested in taking part in. It’s absolutely noting to do with me, it’s being facilitated by Steve Box¬†from Queensland, Australia. He says… WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE INVOLVED IN THE GLOBAL POSTCARD CONNECTION This term, as part […]

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